Dor Control Craftsmen installed Automatic Door Operators at Hy's Steakhouse Toronto

Automatic Door Operators Improve Accessibility at Hy’s Steakhouse in Toronto

Dor-Control Craftsmen is proud to have been chosen to install automatic entrances at the beautiful new Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar on Bay Street in Toronto. Hy’s specializes in fine dining and has been in Toronto since 1970. They’ve been on Adelaide, then Richmond and now Bay Street.

Hy’s is committed to providing accessible and equitable customer service to each and every one of their diverse and valued guests. They accommodate persons with a disability, the use of assistive devices, service animals, support persons, and handle any unique needs to the best of their ability and without discrimination.

At their new multi-level 350+ seat location, they needed smooth and elegant automatic entrances to allow more customers to enjoy the restaurant and make the entrances convenient easily accessible for all guests. They have an unwavering commitment to fine food and service in a luxurious environment.


We needed to design entrances to make the restaurant accessible to all guests with material that needed to fit in with the design and custom finishes around the building. Hy’s pays special attention to detail, so we wanted to spend a large effort of time and care when it came to the design of the entrances. The challenge was to try to use extrusions and materials that were custom to the finishes around the building while not jeopardizing the ability for pedestrians to enter and exit the restaurant in an accessible manner. 

A barrier-free entrance complies with the Ontario Building Code and AODA, but it is also a good corporate and social responsibility. It is good business for a high-end restaurant like Hy’s to have an elegant, high-quality and accessible entrance.


AAADM Certified Technicians from Dor-Control Craftsmen installed automatic operators. Our automatic operators were the perfect solution to allow accessibility throughout the building while allowing us to get creative with the finishes of our extrusions and materials to match the overall design of the building. Automatic doors not only offer convenience to users but also various benefits such as energy-saving, security and hygiene.

The automatic operators are there for anyone needing them but they are also discreet too – people who don’t need them are able to enter and exit throughout the building without noticing the accessible materials that are currently in place. We successfully created a solution to make the restaurant accessible without the visual hindrance that usually exists.


Restaurant goers can now enjoy the special dining experience that Hy’s Steakhouse has to offer while enjoying the accessibility the automatic entrance has provided. The custom finishes of our extrusions and materials allowed for a seamless installation and visual beauty that blends in with the finishes of this luxurious restaurant. 


Hy’s Steakhouse is at a new location on Bay Street at Richmond. Featuring prime grade steaks, cold martinis and trademark warm hospitality, in a fully accessible environment. Hy’s is a dining oasis.

Dor-Control Craftsmen install, service and repair commercial automatic doors, security entrances and optical turnstiles. If you need drawings, specification, literature or you would like to speak to someone about your automatic sliding door system, please contact Dor-Control Craftsmen today.

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