Dor-Control Craftsmen Installs Automatic Door Operators Accessibility Cactus Club Cafe Sherway Gardens Toronto, Ontario

Automatic Door Operators Improve Accessibility At Cactus Club Cafe in Toronto

Accessibility matters. Guests can easily enter the new Cactus Club Cafe at Sherway Gardens thanks to Automatic Operators installed by Dor-Control Craftsmen.

The entrance is part of a multi-million dollar project for Sherway Gardens to provide high-end dining options at the mall. Cactus Club Cafe is led by a team of world-class chefs, offering a mix of signature dishes to its two-level 450 seat restaurant. Featuring an all-season rooftop deck with one of the largest retractable roofs of any restaurant in North America.


To gain access to the restaurant, customers have to enter a door from the sidewalk—the only door into the building. The automatic door needs to handle a high-traffic flow and provide easy access for all people—including persons with disabilities, older persons, and families with young children.

A barrier-free entrance complies with the Ontario Building Code and AODA, but it is also a good corporate and social responsibility. It is good business for a high-end restaurant to have a nice, high-quality accessible entrance.


AAADM Certified Technicians from Dor-Control Craftsmen installed a heavy duty automatic operator— the GT8710 Model by Nabco. Activated by a simple push plate system, the button opens the main entrance door and holds it open until everyone enters the main lobby.

1. Accessibility for everyone
All people including persons with disabilities have a right, under the Ontario Human Rights Code to equal treatment with respect to services, goods and facilities. This means that they have the right to access premises and services in the same manner as others, with dignity and without impediment. With these doors, now all restaurant enthusiasts and employees can enter freely without any barriers.

2. Enhanced energy savings
The automatic operators also have adjustable closing speeds to enhance energy savings. This ensures the air temperature stays constant inside the restaurant.

3. Heavy-duty design for longevity
The heavy-duty motor and mechanical gearbox offers longevity and dependability. No matter how busy the restaurant gets, the entrance doors will operate efficiently.

4. Smooth operation
The mechanical operator with a microprocessor control provides efficient, smooth operation, allowing everyone to enter and exit with ease.  A workhorse operator that provides confidence and peace of mind while complying with the ANSI A156.19 standard. This ensures people in wheelchairs can enter the building without any assistance.


Cactus Club Cafe at Sherway Gardens needed a dependable, heavy-duty automatic door to meet all the needs of people entering and exiting the busy restaurant. Adults, kids, seniors and persons with disabilities all have the right to equal treatment in accessing high-end restaurants. Plus one in six Canadians has a disability of some kind, so the user-friendly entrance means there is an increase in the number of people who can engage in their business.  That makes good sense.


Cactus Club Cafe is a brand new restaurant at Sherway Gardens in Toronto. Featuring two levels, 450 seats, a casual fine-dining menu and all-season patio with the largest retractable roof in any restaurant in North America. 

Dor-Control Craftsmen install, service and repair commercial automatic doors, security entrances and optical turnstiles. If you need drawings, specification, literature or you would like to speak to someone about your automatic sliding door system, please contact Dor-Control Craftsmen today.

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