Automatic Door Operators Installation & Repair

Automatic Door Operators

An automatic door operator or swing door operator is beneficial for any commercial, retail, or industrial environment. It changes any manual door to the complete convenience of an automatic door. 

A door operator will help you meet AODA compliance, improve accessibility, improve traffic flow and heighten your patrons’ experience.

Dor-Control Craftsmen can provide door operator systems that are customized to suit your specific requirements.

With our selection of automatic door operators, you can turn virtually any door into an automatic door.

  • Suitable for low-energy or full-energy applications
  • Power standard swing doors up to 1000 pounds
  • Compatible with wood, metal, and glass doors
  • Allow for fast and easy retrofit installation
  • Are UL certified for use as fire door operators

Our full-energy and low-energy automatic door operator systems are designed to work with a variety of activating methods, including mats, push plates, motion sensors, touchless activation sensors, radio controls, card readers, and more.

Most of our swing door operator systems can also be programmed to open so that no sensor or mat is required for activation – the door will open with just a light touch. And, if the door is even slightly moved while it is closing, the sensor will cause the door to automatically reopen.

We install, service and repair automatic door operators or swing door operators. If you need drawings, specifications, literature, or you would like to speak to someone about your specific swing door operator application, please contact Dor-Control Craftsmen today

Dor-Control Craftsmen Install Automatic Sliding Doors Commerce Court Toronto, ON

Automatic Door Operators, Commerce Court, Toronto

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