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Design: Commercial Automatic Doors & Security Doors

As experts in the field of commercial door installation, we can help you design the best entrance for your business.

Architectural design, building code requirements, compliance with safety standards, available space, traffic flow, the density of population and wind conditions are all factored into the design. 

Whether the planned traffic flow is one-way or two-way is a significant consideration as well. Also, the dimension of the opening that is required to meet the traffic requirements.

We have the expertise and team required to take all these factors into consideration. Engineers and manufacturing consultants help determine what is needed to support the entrances. For example structural support, flooring and surrounding glazing.

We will work with you through the quote process, tender, and approval. Our goal is to provide excellent service and support at every stage.

Dor-Control Craftsmen Install Automatic Doors 16 York, Toronto, ON
Dor-Control Craftsmen Installs Automatic Doors Bay Adelaide Centre, Toronto, ON

Sales: Commercial Automatic Doors & Security Doors

Our experienced team will work with you to provide the highest quality product at the most competitive pricing.

We have a proactive approach to informing and educating our clients as to what is the best solution is, based on their business needs.

We will meet you on location to discuss the type of door you envision. We will study the entrance, consult with our team,  then help guide you to the best decision.

Elegant revolving doors and dependable security optical turnstiles are from Boon Edam, a worldwide leader and manufacturer.

Reliable automatic door operators and automatic sliding doors are from NABCO, a worldwide leader and manufacturer of high-quality entrances.

We will work with you through the quote process, tender, and approval. Our goal is to provide excellent service and support at every stage. 

Installation: Commercial Automatic Doors & Security Doors

Automatic doors and security entrances are installed by qualified and experienced AAADM certified and licensed technicians.

AAADM – American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers is a trade association of power-operated automatic door manufacturers, established in 1994.

AAADM provides training and certification courses for architects, project planners and technicians for the installation and service of automatic doors. Courses ensure high standards in the industry.  

Safety is the number one priority during installation, service and repair. We are members in good standing of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). 

Every employee has been thoroughly trained on a comprehensive Health and Safety policy. All our technicians are certified in areas such as WHIMS and forklifts.

Dor-Control Craftsmen Install Automatic Doors 16 York, Toronto, ON
Dor-Control Craftsmen Installs Automatic Doors RBC Centre, Toronto, ON

Service & Maintenance: Commercial Automatic Doors & Security Doors

With hundreds or thousands of visitors passing through an entrance every day, the continued operation is vital.

Regular service and maintenance contracts can prevent unexpected hardware and software break downs.

We offer specialised service and maintenance contracts that help prevent wear and tear and deal with the weather conditions in Ontario and Canada. 

Preventative maintenance programs on commercial automatic doors ensure product longevity and will keep your doors functioning safely.

Planned maintenance of your automatic doors is an important component to safety. We will help you choose the program that is right for you. 

A portion of the responsibility for automatic door safety lies with building owners and operators. An individual or individuals at your facility should be in charge of performing brief daily safety checks of each door at a designated time each day. Safety checks should also be performed following power outages or any other time power to the door has been shut off.

Repair: Commercial Automatic Doors & Security Doors

If your doors are not working properly, contact us. We understand the need for prompt service, particularly in environments where entrances need to be working at all times. 

Dor-Control Craftsmen has a 24/7/365 service network to repair your doors.

We repair all makes and models of automatic doors and security entrances: handicap door operators, Nabco, Boon Edam, Stanley, Besam, Horton Automatics, Hunter, Dor-O-Matic, Keane Monroe and Record.

  • Experts standing by 24/7: Contact 905-459-3300 or email
  • Priority response available
  • Intelligent dispatching system
  • After hours emergency service
  • AAADM Certified Technicians with many years of experience
  • Technicians will fix any manufacturers' door with speed and professionalism
Dor-Control Craftsmen Install Automatic Doors RBC Centre Toronto, ON

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