Automatic Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors

Automatic revolving doors are very common in large buildings and other places with a lot of traffic, including hospitals, office buildings and shopping malls.

Most importantly, they are more energy efficient than regular doors. They don’t let a significant amount of air escape, and also reduce drafts into the building. As a result, heating and cooling costs are minimized.

Automatic revolving doors allow many people to enter and exit buildings more quickly. This is very important for busy facilities. Construction Canada explains the number of people that can be moved in and out of a building per minute depending on the compartment size and max RPM.

Also, they reduce the amount of street noise heard inside by creating an airlock. This sound barrier is very much appreciated, decreasing the busy sounds on the street.

Automatic revolving doors enhance the entrance of a building, in which architects and patrons like.

Overall, revolving doors have an excellent return on investment. We recommend Boon Edam’s revolving doors, the worldwide leader for doors with attractive design, energy efficiency, smooth operation, convenience and architectural beauty. 

What solutions are offered to keep the cold air outside and the warm air inside?

Automatic revolving doors are the best solution for maintaining the internal temperature inside a building. They don’t let warm air escape and don’t let cold air inside the building. Many types and sizes of revolving doors are available. 

How do I secure my building in case of lockdown?

Our automatic revolving doors use automatic wing locking to lock down the door wings with the press of a button in case of an emergency. These commands are managed through the buildings access control system. 

How do I automatically lock and un-lock my entrance in the morning and night?

Locking revolving doors are managed through the buildings access control system. The automatic wing locking system can lock the door wings at nights and unlock the door wings in the mornings.

We design, service, install and repair revolving doors. We follow guidelines outlined by AODA and Ontario’s Building Code for revolving doors. 

If you need drawings, specifications, literature, or you would like to speak to someone about your revolving door, please contact Dor-Control Craftsmen today.

Dor-Contol Craftsmen Install Revolving Door Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, ON

Revolving Door, Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto

Dor-Control Craftsmen Install Revolving Door Mount Sinai Hospital Murray Street Toronto ON

Impressive automatic revolving door & sliding doors all in one, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto – the first door if its kind in Canada.

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