Dor-Control Craftsmen Installed Automatic Sliding Doors at Absolute Condos or Marilyn Monroe Condos in Mississauga ON

Automatic Sliding Doors Improve Entrance at Marilyn Monroe Condos Mississauga

The owners of Absolute Condos also known as the Marilyn Monroe Condos in Mississauga partnered with Dor-Control Craftsmen for a new entrance. Located near Square One Shopping Centre, the towers were completed in 2012 by Fernbrook Homes and Cityzen Development Group. In 2012, they were awarded the prize of Best Tall Buildings in the Americas by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. The buildings are nicknamed the “Marilyn Monroe” tower due to their curvaceous, hourglass figure.

The building represented constant challenges and one of them was the main entrance.


One of the main challenges of the two iconic high-rise condos was the entrance. Specifically, the wind conditions that surrounded the buildings caused a stack pressure issue within the main lobbies.

The stack pressure phenomenon occurs when there is building pressure caused by a difference in temperature or pressure between two spaces separated by doors. As air pushes into or out of a building—moving from an area of high pressure to one of lower pressure—it exerts incredible amounts of force on the doors and can prevent door closers from properly functioning.

These stack pressure differentials occuring between the inside and outside of the building can also cause problems inside the building. In this case they caused many issues with the buildings elevators, often causing them to shut down for long periods of time.

Also, the high wind conditions and stack pressure was affecting the entrance doors themselves, causing them to stop working and preventing residences from entering and exiting the towers. A new entrance design was needed to prevent the stack pressure from affecting the buildings operations and to prevent the downtime of the elevators and main entrance doors.


We needed to install Automatic Sliding Doors that have the ability to create a ‘wind-trap’ effect, preventing outside air from entering the building and inside air from exiting. This prevents the stack effect from happening and allows the residents to live in a worry free environment when entering and exiting their residence.

Our Automatic Sliding Doors are also designed for hurricane winds and have been tested for extreme weather conditions. We have designed the entrance in a way that the exterior doors will only open when the interior doors are in the closed position. Alternatively, the interior doors will only open when the exterior doors are closed. This design ensures that the wind tunnel effect will never happen.


Wind stack pressure and hurricane winds have been abated by the design of our Automatic Sliding Doors. The residences living in the buildings, and the management team operating the buildings can now enter and exit without worrying about downtime of the entrances, or delays with the elevators. The award winning Marilyn Monroe Condos in Mississauga can now operate as a world class residence, no matter what type of exterior wind conditions exist around the buildings.


The Absolute World towers or Marilyn Monroe Condos are a captivating spectacle smack dab in the heart of Mississauga City Centre. Clean, modern and close to many amenities, the Absolute World towers are home to many residents. 

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