Dor-Control Craftsmen Installed Automatic Sliding Doors at TTC Vaughan

Automatic Sliding Doors Improve Accessibility & Efficiency at TTC Vaughan

The TTC is committed to providing safe and courteous transit service for all of its customers. Dor-Control Craftsmen installed Automatic Sliding Doors at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station so the main entrances are efficient, safe and accessible for everyone.

The City of Vaughan is the only urban growth centre in the Greater Toronto Area, outside of Toronto, that has subway access and an award winning intermodal transit system. The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station (VMC) is on Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)’s Line 1. The VMC is a quick 5-minute subway ride to York University Station and a 45-minute ride to Union Station; allowing residents to get downtown Toronto quickly.

By undertaking such a large transportation investment in Ontario’s history, the TTC shows their ongoing goal to get you where you need to go better, faster, easier. This was a unique opportunity to plan, build, operate and connect transportation from a vibrant urban center in Vaughan to downtown Union Station.


Millions of people ride the TTC on an annual basis. When designing effective entrances, it is important to create a design that can efficiently accommodate large numbers of people at all times of the day. Speed is of essence; bottle-necking and line-ups of people are a key avoidance. Accessibility is also of the essence too; everyone should be able to use the doors conveniently.

Safety is also important as so many people move in and out and trust that the doors work properly at all times. 
The quality of materials that make up the entrance are also an important factor; it must be a heavy duty solution that can withstand the traffic every day.


Dor-Control Craftsmen installed the Gyro Tech 1175 Hurricane Automatic Sliding Door System by Nabco Entrances. These Automatic Sliding Doors were the logical solution out of all of the entrance designs available.

These automatic sliding doors have sensor systems, so people do not need to pull the doors when entering or push the doors when exiting. The sensors automatically open the doors, and allow the doors to close safely as people pass through the entrance. When large amounts of people enter through the entrance, the automatic sliding doors will hold open until the path is clear. 

Security was also a benefit with this solution. Electric locks with panic sets prevent the Automatic Sliding Doors from opening when people are not allowed into the entrance.  

Dor-Control Craftsmen also installed Automatic Sliding Doors that were connected to the surrounding escalators. As people arrive by escalator, the Automatic Sliding Doors automatically hold open – proactively allowing people to enter thought the entrance without delay. 

Dor-Control Craftsmen Installed Automatic Sliding Doors TTC Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station
Dor-Control Craftsmen Installed Automatic Sliding Doors TTC Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Dor-Control Craftsmen Installed Automatic Sliding Doors at TTC Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station at the main entrance and the doors near the escalators


Dor-Control Craftsmen installed sophisticated automatic sliding door systems to solve all of the challenges of a busy transit station. With its heavy duty and durable design, it is able to accommodate millions of people entering though the entrances annually.

We are proud to have been part of the massive Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station transit plan. Accessibility, reliability and safety are always part of our goal when creating entrances; we successfully assisted the TTC in helping design and build automatic sliding entrances that meet all these goals.


The TTC Station at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is located at Highways 400 and 407. Downtown Vaughan is growing faster than expected and is beyond or on track to reach targets of 12,000 residential units, 1.5 million square feet of commercial office space, and 750,000 square feet of new retail space by 2031.

Dor-Control Craftsmen install, service and repair commercial automatic sliding doors, automatic revolving doors, security doors and optical turnstiles. If you need drawings, specification, literature or you would like to speak to someone about your automatic sliding door system, please contact Dor-Control Craftsmen today.

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