Dor-Control Craftsmen Installs Security Entrance Automatic Revolving Doors at Data Center Toronto

High-Security Revolving Door Protects Internet Data At Canada’s Largest Data Center In Toronto

The old Toronto Star printing plant at Highway 400 and 407 in Toronto has a new lease on life. DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT) from Washington, D.C, USA, purchased the Vaughan building in 2016 for $54.25M.

The printing plant was the largest newspaper printing facility in Canada and one of the largest in North America when it opened in 1992. It closed on January 15, 2016.

DFT made a significant investment in the new facility, dubbed TOR1. It is now one of the largest wholesale data centres in Canada. Watch a video of how data is stored inside Toronto’s huge data center. Clients include Microsoft, Facebook, Dropbox and GoDaddy.

Spanning over 700,000 square feet, it offers unrivaled levels of operational stability and scalability. TOR1 is engineered to have 226,600 sq. ft. of computer rooms and is one of Canada’s most advanced data centres.

In June 2017, DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT), was acquired by Digital Realty, a real estate investment trust company from San Francisco, CA, USA.


The highest level of security is essential for this 7000,000 sq. ft. Toronto data center. From the photos on your phone to the safe passwords in your business, everything we do requires data. We share it, stream it, we manage it and all the while we need to know it is safe and secure.


Dor-Control Craftsmen installed the most advanced, high security revolving door in the industry at the entrance, the Boon Edam Tourlock 180+90. This high security automatic revolving door is the most advanced revolving door in the Boon Edam product range. It allows entry to only authorized users, and any possible unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.

The Tourlock 180+90 is a revolving door where the rotation can only be started after an authorization signal from an access control system such as a card reader or biometrics reader. Biometric devices provide an advanced method for uniquely identifying authorized users based on a distinguished biological trait, like a fingerprint, face or hand geometry, or iris patterns.

Authorizing users based on a biological trait eliminates the risk of an unauthorized user gaining access to a building’s secure areas. Biometric devices ensure only those registered in the system can get through.

The high-security Tourlock is also integrated with a security system that can accurately detect and prevent any form of piggybacking or tailgating. These security systems prevent unauthorized, or sometimes forceful, entry via a separate compartment or in the same compartment as an authorized person.

A secure entrance is essential to keep your data safe and secure. No matter what business you’re in today, managing data online is a key priority.


TOR1 Data Centre is located at Highway 400 and 407, near downtown Toronto, major highways and Pearson International airport.

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