Optical Turnstiles Installed By Dor-Control Craftsmen At Bay Adelaide Centre Toronto

Optical Turnstiles Improve Safety and Security At The Bay Adelaide Centre

Protection of employees, physical assets, and data is becoming more important and necessary than ever before.

Optical turnstiles improve safety and security by allowing only one authorized person to pass through at any time. They detect and deter people who do not have authorized access by integrating with other aspects of a building’s security control system: cameras, doors and other security equipment. This technology saves time and money and lessens the workload on having staff monitor the entrance.

People of all abilities are able to pass through optical turnstiles since they don’t have a physical barrier, thereby meeting AODA regulations. Optical turnstiles can also be locked down at night or when the facility is closed.

Overall, turnstiles are one of the best ways to improve the physical security of work areas and buildings by controlling visitor access.


High security was required for a high flow area at the Bay Adelaide Centre, Toronto. Only authorized people are allowed to access this area. Entrance to this area could be accessed two ways so this had to be taken into consideration.

The entrance also needed to reduce the risk of tailgating and piggybacking.

  • Tailgating: Means to follow somebody closely through an entrance and slip through before it closes. Just like a driver can tailgate another car by following too closely. Tailgating implies the action was without consent, and this compromises security.
  • Piggybacking: Means to follow somebody closely through a door. It usually implies that the authorized person has given consent to do so.  

A secure entrance that reduces piggybacking and tailgating are required to prevent:

  • Theft: Prevent unauthorized individuals to enter secured areas to reduce losses including office equipment, Intellectual property, sensitive hardware and personal employee items.
  • Unsafe Working Environment: An unsecured environment that does not have access controls is more susceptible to risky situations including workplace violence.
  • Unhealthy Company Culture: Even if the piggybacker is an employee with appropriate clearance, the failure for both people to respect the rules is an attitude that does not respect security or company rules.


We recommended and installed optical turnstiles in two areas to provide optimal security and handle the traffic flow. These optical turnstiles are built by Boon Edam, the best manufacturer of security entrances in the world.

Boon Edams optical turnstiles are sleek and contemporary in design and have the most precise optical detection technology on the market.

By installing 3 Boon Edam LifeLine Speedlane Swing optical turnstiles at one entrance and 6 at another entrance, access is controlled to authorized personnel. Access control systems and infrared sensors help ensure that nobody is tailgating or piggybacking through.

Lifeline Speedlane Swing optical turnstiles offer:

  • A sleek, aesthetically pleasing cabinet design and swinging panel
  • An integrated custom pedestal that incorporates the MorphoWave™ touchless fingerprint technology from OT-Morpho. This enables high throughput with the enhanced security of rapid biometric identification. 

They also have detection sensors to prevent people from “turnstile jumping”. Sensors are placed beneath the tops of the turnstile to detect movement above the cabinet. Any interruption to the sensor sets off an alarm to alert staff of the forced entry.

Optical TUrnstiles Installed By Dor-Control Craftsmen At Bay Adelaide Centre Toronto
Optical Turnstiles Improve Safety And Security
At Bay Adelaide Centre, Toronto
Optical Turnstiles Installed By Dor-Control Craftsmen At Bay Adelaide Centre Toronto


Optical turnstiles with access control integration systems help maintain a secure environment by limiting access through an entry point to only those individuals who have authority. 

These systems have grown in sophistication over the years and have greatly improved the security of many organizations. Today they can be found at millions of entrances around the world, both outside and inside facilities. They are an effective boundary between public and private worlds and ensure the right people are channelled to the right place.


The Bay Adelaide Centre is an office complex in the Financial District of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The first phase, a 51-storey skyscraper known as Bay Adelaide West, was completed in July 2009. The second phase, the 44-storey Bay Adelaide East, was completed in October 2016.

Dor-Control Craftsmen install, service and repair commercial automatic doors, security entrances and optical turnstiles. If you need drawings, specification, literature or you would like to speak to someone about your automatic sliding door system, please contact Dor-Control Craftsmen today.

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